What The New Bar At Luminaire Offers

After refurbishment of our bar, we now offer much better and even more facilities for all of you Luminaire lovers. See what live music we have here.

As well as a one drinks bar, we now have a SECOND drinks bar. But this is entirely different.

Why Is This Bar Unlike Any Other In London?

Made from all Glass Reinforced Plastic, it means we can offer safer and more durable facilities, whilst looking unbelievably stylish. What’s not to love?

We would just like to say a massive thanks to Diamond Waste. Throughout the entire renovation of the bar, this team were on hand to handle of all of our rubbish. We were worried that our waste was going to straight to the landfill, but these guys reassured us that they aim to recycle all waste they collect. What a brilliant service Luminaire Bar in London has received. Thanks guys!

Why Fibreglass?

Fibreglass is a material that provides consistent quality along with a low maintenance characteristics. As well as being a strong and robust choice, it also means we can save money and spend it elsewhere to improve The Luminaire.

The bar is now also extremely resistant to weathering and corrosion, and doesn’t absorb moisture, meaning it won’t rust and become damaged – just what we want in a bar. You can also plan your event at the Luminaire bar. Click here.

Bar Opening & Closing Times

Opening hours of the bar: Contact us for enquries.
Mon-Wed | 12.00-23.00
Thur-Sat | 12.00-00.00
Sun | 12.00-23.00

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But thankfully not on your plate.

With an award-winning live music venue upstairs, a first rate Bar and Kitchen downstairs, and a frozen-in-time Irish boozer next door, you just need a tent to camp in and shazzam! …all your human needs are catered for. So, buy your tickets now and get the first look at our brand new fibreglass bar. Click here.