Our tips & tricks to becoming a successful bar in London

The Luminaire is one of London’s leading destinations to enjoy drinks, events and parties. What lead to our great success was our marketing and advertising campaign; this is what helped us massively in growing our business to the next level. Click here to view our services.

But, how did we do it?

There is never just one marketing strategy that will work for everyone. Each business and industry is vastly different meaning not everything will suit various companies. We had the help from Artist Careers, where they worked with our management team to devise a strategic marketing plan.

Below are the procedures we put in place

A website that delivered results

Of course a website needs to be attractive to produce results, but it’s more about what’s there in the first place. True benefits will arise from a website that is highly functional and has the ability to connect customers to the business.

We got in touch with a leading web design and SEO agency known as SEO Teacher. Check them out here.

In addition to this, through the growth of our website, we used social media as an alternative way of communicating with our customers. We found this helped to build strong, long lasting relationships with our visitors. Find out what events we have on.

Promotional products was our no.1 help

The benefits of promotional products are massive, and the great thing about them is that they can be anything you want. We revolved our products around something that our customers would find useful, but also something that was big in the media at that specific moment.

We decided to hand out S8 cases and S8 Plus cases to those who visited our premises. The case was simply designed which just had our logo on. See how we created ours.

Not only was this extremely affordable, it pushed our pre-existing customers to return whilst recommending to new customers to The Luminaire. Contact us for exclusive discounts.